Friday, August 28, 2009

24 Traditional रेकी position for Treatment of Self and Others

24 Traditional Reiki position for Treatment of Self and Others

1-Eyes 2-Ears 3-Jaws 4-Temples 5- Back of the Head 6- Forehead and Back head 7-Throat and Neck 8 – Thymus and heart 9- Solar Plexus and navel

10- Hara and Root Chakra 11-ldneyungs – 12-liver and spleen , 13-Intestines ,14- Leg joints , 15 – shoulders , 16- Kidney ,17- Lower back ,18 –Root chakra , 19-Arms 20 –Thighs21- Knees 22- Calf’s ,23-Ankles , 24 –Soles of the feet .

Chakra balancing (24 minutes)

1-Left palm on the crown the right palm on the root chakra.

2-Next after 3 minutes move from root area to sacral area and left palm over Agya chakra.

3-Right palm from Sacral area to Solar plexus and left palm over Throat Chakra .

4- Next move right palm over Heart Chakra and left palm also over heart chakra .Both hands together.

Seven Major Chakras and Function

Chakra Location Function Colour Element Mantra

1-crown top of head spiritual vision violet ether

2-brow fore head third eye indigo ether om

3throat throat communication blue ether hum

4-heart heart group ,love green air yam

5solar stomach liver ,spleen yellow fire ram

6-sacral below navel anger ,sex orange water vam

7-root base of spine kidneys ,spinal red earth lam