Sunday, August 30, 2009

Group Treatment रेकी

Group Treatment
Highly Effective & Powerful in Emergency & Serious Cases
Reiki can be given to a person by a group of Reiki Channels or Healers .This helps in reducing the time required to impart a full body treatment .It is not advantageous to have more than four persons in a group treatment because the time cannot be reduced below
21 minutes. Use group healing in heart attack, accident, coma, cancer , T,B ,
Reiki has survived thousands of hopeless cases
Focus. In Case of Emergency
1-Local area 2- All the Chakra 3-Solar Plexus 4- Sole of the feet.
You can treat Plants, Objects,& Food with Reiki .
The Flow of Exchange
Nothing should be taken FREE In this universe may it be food , knowledge or healing ( medicines ) , return back by any convenient mean ( not meagrely but Wholeheartedly)To take free means to hold , which shrinks your energy field Restricting all the benefits . To give means – to expand & receive back in manifold .In ancient times spiritual healers teachers and seekers received housing , food , clothing and gifts in exchange for their spiritual services .In fact , it was considered a blessing to have a spiritually attuned one in residence in the area .In modern times money has become a commodity of exchange . Of course, we could and may return to a bartering system .Remembering this in this exchange of energy we free ourselves of obligation when receiving their services .If the river does not receive, it runs dry. If one does not receive, one breaks the flow just as if one refuses to give.
Basic rule about meal
Eat your food – let not food eat you .If laziness follows after taking a meal think that the food is eating you ,and if after taking a meal you feel energized, and charged then only meal is eaten by you .Do not go for a change abruptly and hastily, switch over to the natural raw food gradually . And do not give up food grains, salt, chilly ,spices etc. Completely .So that you could lead a very normal life with your family and the whole society .Otherwise your body may react sharply if take something for which our system is not accustomed.