Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Symbols of Reiki रेकी

The Symbols of Reiki
Reiki symbols are sacred and secret .It is part of the Reiki tradition that they be kept confidential .They are only revealed to those who have taken Second degree Reiki and received the attunement that empowers them .Reiki symbols are transcendental in nature . Reiki symbols connect to the God- consciousness .They are like keys that open doors to higher levels of awareness& manifestation. We seem to “feel” symbols rather than “reading or thinking “them A different part of the brain operates when contemplating, drawing or using symbols. All you have to do is once [Physically or mentally ] and say It [verbally or mentally ]three times .The symbols are drawn either with the hand or the third eye as the names of the symbols are spoken either aloud or silently .The hand position in Reiki 2 are exactly the same as in Reiki 1 .The only difference is of the symbols on the body with the finger or palm of the dominant hand .Say the name of the symbol three times while you are drawing the symbol .Then continue sending the energy through the use of the Reiki hand positions .The basic three symbols are –The Power Symbol, The mental symbol , The Distant symbol.
The Power Symbol – Cho Ku REI –Meaning of this symbol: Oh power come “a) empowerment – To increase the power of Reiki, living & non- living . b) Sealing: - To seal the space around the client and prevent the healing energies from leaking away. c) Purification: - To clear a room of negative psychic energy and seal it in light .d) Protection (Psychic shield)To protect yourself and anything of value The protective energy becomes even stronger if used together with the crystal power .
Emotional Symbol- Sei Hei Ki –For Harmony & Balance –The two different opposite energy combine together balancing to extremes for Harmony .Meaning of this symbol : God & Humanity become One’
a) For emotional and mental healing
b) To balance the left and right brain
c) For improving the memory concentration & confidence.
d) To enhance the use of affirmations, unwanted habits and improve relationships.
The Distant Symbol –This symbol is used to send Reiki at a distance .This symbols can also be used to bridge time. If you had a traumatic experience in the past and you know the approximate date, you can use distant symbol to heal the trauma. Use third Reiki symbol to forth and direct healing energy. This symbol conveys the essence of transmitting absent healing .The symbol is called –Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen .Meaning of this symbol is: “The God in me greets the God in you with the view to healing and enlightenment “ .
Use distance healing Reiki for -Empowerment ,Initiation ,Protection ,Healing all problems ,Love and Harmony ,Growth & Prosperity .This is a Telepathic communication with all living & nonliving .All the Reiki healers “Please give Reiki to your country & World for Love ,Peace ,&prosperity “ .Thanks .