Thursday, September 3, 2009

अडवांस रेकी

Reiki Advance
All over the world & Especially in India three types of Energies were used to achieve different Worldly Powers.
1- Yantra – A special Geometrical design which create on instant powerful vital prana energy or positive energy through drawing or structural formation like Swastika, Sriyantra, or pyramids or other geometrical designs and formation.
2- Tantra – means technique or special process through which one can attain the desired Physical Mental Psychic or Spiritual Powers. In the eastern philosophy Shiva & Parvati (yin-yang energy) has given us 112 type of various Tantra Techniques .Reiki also is one of this tantra techniques in which Reiki Master initiate and activate our energy centres to channelize universal energy Reiki .Tantra is altogether different from Tantrik which is a witch craft always used for negative purposes & fulfilment. Therefore tantra word should not be confused for word Tantric. One is positive other is negative .3
3- Mantra- Mantra means anything which is repeated again and again. Anything whatever you repeat a thought vibration is created around your body, the more you repeat the more stronger layers and energy field is created around your body .Mantra is more concerned with strong intention rather than language. Languages are just career or vehicle of your thoughts & intention . It is the thought& intention which create energy not the language .Therefore you also can create your own Mantra. Mantra is backed by three centres Mind Heart & Prana (navel centre) .If you intent through your heart good energy is formed. But failure is impossible if Mantra is intended by Prana .You may be creating positive or negative energy field around yourself by repeating knowingly or unknowingly. Affirmations are also mantras of western concept in which a special affirmation is repeated everyday to create and attract these special kind of energy to fulfil your goal.