Sunday, July 1, 2007

मेरा परिचय

MA. PhD (University Of Lucknow}

Dr. Manjulata Singh, Retired as Reader from University of Delhi in the year 2000, after teaching Hindi for 42 years. 7 years teaching experience with Loreto College Lucknow & 35 years Teaching Experience with Daulat Ram College Delhi.
Her academic laurels include Gold Medal for M.A. from Lucknow University and PhD form the same university. She is member of various literary groups She has more than 200 articles published in various literary magazines and 7 published books in the field of poetry, criticism and fiction.
१. हिंदी उपन्यासो मे मध्यवर्ग
२. आस्था और अनुभूति
३. हिंदी कहानी मे युग बोध
४. अधूरे संबंध तथा अन्य कहानियाँ
५. महायात्रा
६. एकांत
७. भजन मंजूषा

She is receipient of the following honors
1.Bharti Ratan Saman From Anubhav Prakashan Sahibabad
2.Women Of the Year 2000 From American Biographical Institute
3.Best Reiki Grandmaster Award From Reiki Healing Foundation USA
4.PRESTIGIOUS LIFE TIME "OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO REIKI" AWARD. by Reiki Healing Foundation, New York USA Chapter for the year 2004, She was given this award On “Guru Purinma” for her services as a Reiki healer and Reiki teacher. She was considered for this award as she has healed more than 200 chronic patients and has taught more 150 people the principles of Reiki.

She does not charge money for healing and teaching REIKI to economically weaker section of society and her consultations are Free for Senior citizens. She is Founder of “Reiki Sparsh Tarang”, a group of talented and devoted Reiki Healers.
She and her group of Healers are constantly making people aware of REIKI where in ailments are cured not by medicine but by energy.